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Batik is a Hmong design method that was traditionally used to decorate baby carriers and skirts. Beeswax is applied to a piece of cloth that is then dyed with a natural indigo dye. The parts covered by wax resist the dye and retain the original color of the cloth. When the wax is removed, the intricate designs show on the finished cloth.

CAMACrafts offers a wide variety of batik products. All batik products are dyed with 100% natural dyes and are therefore subject to bleeding. Batik products should be hand washed individually in cold water to minimize bleeding.

Each batik product is unique and no patterns are used. The design of each batik product may vary slightly from the photos shown.

CAMACrafts is supporting a group of Hmong women in remote Laos to continue practicing this traditional Hmong skill.  Shop batik products here.